Survey Analysis

Bellomy AI Analytics Survey Analysis

Inform your decisions with optimized survey analytics

Get the insights you need now to position yourself for the future with AI Analytics for Texts’ advanced data analysis of survey results. Identify themes around your data, analyze survey responses for quant and qual, and discover potential pain points.

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survey open ends

Uncover customer sentiment through our Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms that analyze and categorize key themes and topics, providing actionable insights for sentiment analysis, VOC analysis, customer feedback analysis, and survey text analysis.

nps drivers

Identify pain points, enhance the customer experience, and drive growth by leveraging our text analysis to reveal the drivers behind your Net Promoter Score (NPS), enabling you to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

CSAT response

Effortlessly mine vast amounts of customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey responses using automated analysis to gain valuable CX insights, understand customer satisfaction levels, and improve the overall customer experience.

tracking studies

Stay ahead of the curve with long-term analysis of customer trends, patterns, and perceptions. Our analysis allows you to monitor changes in customer behavior over time so you can identify emerging trends in your industry and make data-driven business decisions.

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