frequently asked questions


Who is AI Analytics for Text for?  

Drawing on decades as a leading marketing research consultancy, Bellomy’s Insights Technology team originally created this technology for our own employees and clients. Developed with adaptability in mind, this ready-to-use tool meets the needs of a diverse audience across industries. It’s for research analysts, insights specialists, companies focused on increasing productivity, contact center teams spending too much time reading customer comments — anyone who needs a better text analytics tool.


Is the tool easy to use? 

Yes! You access the tool through a personalized, customizable research cloud environment that features a clean and simple design. Our tool is easy to access, navigate and organize around your most important data sets. Insights are delivered quickly from a variety of functions – no import/export to other apps required!


How does Bellomy’s tool integrate AI?   

In two ways. First is our tool’s customizable AI topic modeling – among the first in the analysis realm with this ability. While other text analytics tools have predefined topics models or require users to create their own, our tool leverages AI to analyze your data and generate its own, highly accurate topic model.

Second is our proprietary ensemble and modular approach to our generative AI Assistant, which comprises multiple models and elevates your interaction with the tool.


How does this tool improve my current process?

In addition to saving time and effort for you as a researcher, you can also quantify and analyze an array of VOC data, including survey open ends, online reviews, social media comments, and more. Our Impact Scoring model and integration with other technology tools such as Bellomy’s cross tabs gives you more power to prioritize and understand what is driving customer opinions based on their open-ended feedback.


What is Bellomy’s data security protocol?

The integrity of your data is our primary focus, and we are committed to the highest levels of security and privacy for our clients. Our standard security measures are extensive and include ISO 27001 certification, annual SOC 2 Type II audits and end-to-end encryption (transit via TLS; storage via AES256).


Will Bellomy’s AI process put my data at risk?

Our proprietary masking process ensures a safe environment for your data. We secure data interacting with our AI models in a number of ways, including: the removal of PII, symbolizing proper nouns being sent to the LLMs, and a summarization process that doesn’t allow specific insights like exact quotes or comparative analysis on secondary variables.


How is Bellomy’s product support?

Our skilled, in-house support team not only developed AI Analytics for Text but also works with it daily. In addition to standard technical support, Bellomy offers rigorous and robust objective-based analysis. Whether you’re do it yourself, do it for me, or somewhere in between, our support team is there as needed.