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Bellomy is a full-service market research company providing customized research solutions and strategic insights to power better business decisions.

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Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC, we work across a range of industries, including energy, healthcare, financial services, consumer products, and retail, and specialize in helping our client-partners understand the voice of the customer as they make decisions about their business. 

We create a broad and deep picture of your brands, markets, customers, challenges, competition, and sources of growth. We do this by using not only traditional inputs but also behavioral data, operational data, and a variety of social media sources — all powered by advanced technologies like Bellomy AI Analytics to transform your business.

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An AI-driven text analytics tool built by expert researchers 

Drawing on decades as a leading marketing research consultancy, Bellomy’s own researchers developed AI Analytics for Text after exploring third-party text analytics options and realizing a disconnect between the tools built by software companies and what researchers needed to perform their work.  

After years of building out insights technology solutions for clients, we had the foundational infrastructure and in-house expertise to build a researcher-driven and -tested text analysis solution capable of analyzing massive amounts of unstructured qualitative text data with the high degree of accuracy and customization needed to deliver the top-tier work our clients needed and expected.  

Bellomy employees and many of our clients use this tool to perform their work every day.


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